Sunday, April 2, 2017

6:45 – Customer Relations at Work

The other day, I made a 6:45 p.m. reservation at a busy restaurant.

While I parked the car, my friends and my wife went inside and were told there was no reservation under my name. They were given a pager and told “they would work to get us in.”

When I arrived and learned what happened, I was frustrated but not angry.

I went to the front desk and said, “I called earlier today, was given a 6:45 reservation and the receptionist asked for my name and phone number. I gave it to her. When we arrived, we were told there is no reservation under my name. Where did I screw up? I know you guys would not screw it up!”

Three front desk people looked at me and burst out laughing!

One of the staff asked for our pager number and said, “Don’t worry, we’ll get you a table.”
A few minutes later, we were seated and my wife held up her watch and said, “It’s 6:45!”

Success through sweetness!

What if we used this approach with our association members? Or, our customers? Or, our vendors?

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