Sunday, August 7, 2016

Recognition Drives Stronger Member Relationships

At one association where I worked, we “hung” photos of all the past presidents on a hallway wall.

No big deal, right?

Well, perhaps this recognition of service was more meaningful than I realized.

While at Ohio State, I had the opportunity to be part of the initial varsity ice hockey team. While I was a marginal player, I played every game for three years. Then, upon leaving Columbus, I disappeared and only occasionally had contact with the hockey program and former players; mainly at the 25th and 50th reunions.

Then, a Facebook post last week gave me a thrill that few get.

Ohio State created a “tradition wall” in the hockey locker room. They put a “brick” for every person that ever played hockey at Ohio State. And, there, on the bottom row, was my brick – with my name on it. There among all the other OSU players. Wow! (You can see it in the photo above ... just about the “N” in Tradition.

This tradition created a latent, awesome feeling that I didn’t know was in me.

And, now, I realize how important it is for associations to recognize their members (and donors). A plaque. A brick in the sidewalk. A photo on the wall. Perhaps a “symbolic brick” on your association’s website?
It doesn’t cost you much but the rewards to you are priceless!

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