Monday, March 14, 2016

Cheap Marketing Ideas – Let’s Not Go There!

I’m one who looks to other professions/industries for ideas for our association clients.

When, sometimes, those ideas fall into the “let’s not do that” category.

I recently received this “junk mail check” – marked personal & confidential – from an outfit called “Cheap Tickets.”

Any association pulling this stunt will surely drive your association members dizzy.

Here are some ways this trick mailer goes wrong:

Notice the number of times “check” is used in the mailer.
  • “Check enclosed” on the outside
  • “Check number: 1689" on top of inside
  • “This is not a check” in small print below the signature
  • “This is not a check” in small print inside the “disclaimer box” on the back of the “check.”
While this “fake check” surely gets attention and gets recipients to open it, is disgusting!

Think of all the “older members” who might not read the “fine print” and who get tricked.

I’m hoping association marketers don’t see this and think “hey, this is a great idea for member recruitment.”

We can get marketing tips from others, but let’s be careful of what we copy.

Do you have any examples of “what not to do?”

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