Tuesday, March 8, 2016

5 Great Reads About Association Marketing & Engagement

Some associations are struggling with maintaining and/or increasing membership. Others continue growing. Most are dealing with the transition from Boomers to Millennials.

Here are five awesome stories that offer ideas and tips for any association focused on membership expansion and engagement.

Snapchat Has Grown Up: What You Need To Know As A Marketer 
By Keith Quesenberry via Social Media Today

Snapchat marketers have reached engagement rates of 80% compared to Facebook where a 1% engagement rate is now considered good. Cosmopolitan has reported that they get up to 3 million views a day via their Snapchat Stories. Are you still new to Snapchat and just don’t get it? Here are some Snapchat basics. Some of these are courtesy of technology reviewer Joanna Stern from The Wall Street Journal – yes, that's how grown up this social channel has become. 

Seven Ways to Increase Your Webinar Registrations
By Lauren Barber, MarketingProfs.com

Webinars are a great tactic for generating leads, branding, and positioning your company as an industry expert. With the right strategy in place, webinars can generate high-quality leads and drastically increase revenue. In fact, 67% of buyers attend webinars when researching B2B purchases; moreover, webinars rank in the top three content formats, and they are among the most popular type of content for engaging prospects.

Clarifying the Noise: The Content Marketing Spectrum [Exclusive Video]
By Robert Rose, Content Marketing Institute

Primarily, you’ve got content marketing, native advertising, and branded content. You even have terms like branded entertainment, content selling, and (I’m not even making this up) content advertising. To be crystal clear – with the exception of this content advertising thing – all of these content-focused methods have productive uses in the business to a varying degree. But how are they related? How do you know when to use each one? Some smart people have been trying to make sense of the delineation between approaches.

7 Content Marketing Lessons From 41,525,103 Website Visits
By Hiten, Hitenism.com
  • Content = Marketing. 
  • People ignore ads but they love great content. 
  • Content marketing can be reverse engineered.
  • Headlines are everything! They get people to click.
  • Organic Search is the TOP traffic source for content marketing.
  • Content helps you tell your story.
  • Content creates conversion opportunities.
Think Millennials Are Tough? Wait Until Gen Z Joins The Workforce
By Sarah Sladek via Forbes.com

It depends on who you ask, but millennials seem to be tagged as the generation born between 1985-2000, and the generation that follows, sometimes referred to as “Gen Z” and sometimes as “centennials,” is demarcated as born from 2000-2015. Demographers and marketers alike prefer these kinds of segmentations because it makes their jobs “cleaner.” But no matter where you set the cutoff date, there is a sense out there that we’re transitioning some consumer power from millennials to these centennials, and marketers want to know how these two cohorts differ. One key differentiater: “centennials” are not being taught cursive writing and won’t be able to read it when their mature.

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