Sunday, January 24, 2016

Will the Ziosk experience impact your association and association members?

The other day I stopped at a convenience store to get gas and buy some water. I used the self serve gas pump and walked inside ... only to discover a huge line at the cash registers.

“Forget it,” I thought. “I don’t want to wait that long. So, I walked out without buying the water.”

I wondered why “convenience stores” don’t have “self checkout lanes” like groceries and other retailers. Why do they think customers are willing to wait in lines when more convenient processes are available?

Later that day, our local newspaper ran a feature headlined “Tabletop tech helps diners pass, save time” that discussed a new convenience service called Ziosk. It allows customers to order from an iPad stationed at the table. But, there’s more! Didn’t get ketchup? Just press the button. Want to pay now? Just pay via your Ziosk. Kids getting antsy? They can play online games on the Ziosk.

And, now ride-hailing service Uber has added UberEats to its offerings. It allows you to have an Uber driver deliver your meals direct to your home or office.

Opportunity for Associations

Our association members are feeling this choice – quick, fast, convenient versus personal, hands on, one-on-one – in their day to day living ... and, they expect the same choices when engaging with their associations.

As you look at the multiple portals of connection with members and prospects, does your association offer both options ... quick/convenient and personal/one-on-one?

Offering both points of contact gives your members the option that fits their needs. Just like a grocery store allows the customer to decide between self checkout or a cash register clerk.

The choice is yours but members will find more value if you make it their choice.

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