Thursday, December 17, 2015

Is Your Association Stale? Hit Refresh

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ews reports highlight UPS using golf carts to deliver packages this holiday season.  UPS says the new delivery option saves time, permits deliveries later in the day and save fuel.

This modification of delivery offers associations an example of “tweaking” your services to enhance member value.

Over the years, I’ve observed changes in member expectations. Many members are not able to attend traditional expensive and time-consuming national conventions. This applies especially to entrepreneurs, self-employed and others whose fees, travel and time is paid from an association budget.

To help meet the needs of these members, one of our associations created specific topic, two-day conferences regionally. We reached different members ... some because the conference was closer to them; some because the fee was lower; some because the topic appealed to them. But, many that attended these conferences had not attended our national conference.
  • By the way, the next summer, I noticed some of those who attended the local two-day conference at our national conference.  I asked one about this.  He responded, "well, that local conference was so good that I decided to try the national meeting."
Another association offered partial day ( 9 am to 3 pm) topic specific seminars locally around the country. Again, these seminars attracted attendees who did not attend the national conference.

Associations can learn from UPS and others who “tweak” their existing programs or services to expand engagement and enhance member value.

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