Thursday, December 17, 2015

Is Your Association Stale? Hit Refresh

Recent TV n
ews reports highlight UPS using golf carts to deliver packages this holiday season.  UPS says the new delivery option saves time, permits deliveries later in the day and save fuel.

This modification of delivery offers associations an example of “tweaking” your services to enhance member value.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

What does a fired college football coach’s lawsuit mean for association executives?

If your association’s CEO (or any other staffer) showed up “slightly drunk” at a member meeting or a board meeting, how would your association react? What steps would the association board take?

Even if not a football fan, association professionals should be following the case of a football coach fired from the University of Southern California (USC) over his alleged public intoxication.

The coach – Steve Sarkisian – has now filed a $30 million lawsuit charging USC for contract breach saying USC discriminated against him based on his disability (alcoholism).

This ESPN story “Steve Sarkisian fired by USC” provides a bit more background on the firing. A key question is whether USC knew of the alcohol disability. Sarkisian reportedly did not disclose it.

When I owned an association management company, I faced a similar situation of undesireable performance as a result of what I learned was a disability.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Key Leadership Strategies for Association Leaders

I received an early Christmas gift: a signed copy of Urban Meyer’s (Ohio State football coach) new book:

Above The Line: Lessons in Leadership and Life from a Championship Season

This is a must read for association professionals and nonprofit executives.

Here are some quick excerpts:

Above the Line: Intentional. On Purpose. Skillful.


Below the Line: Impulsive. On Autopilot. Resistant.

No BCD: 
  • Blame (others). Complain (about circumstances). D (defend yourself).
The powerful leadership equation:


(Event + Response = Outcome)

The key is how you respond to an event determines the outcome.

Six elements of the R (response) factor:
R1 = Press pause.
R2 = Get your mind right.
R3 = Step up.
R4 = Adjust & adapt.
R5 = Make a difference.
R6 = Build skills.

Tim Knight (founder of a leadership development firm) shared with Meyer that leadership is the triggering factor in the Performance Pathway:

Above the Line thinking.
  • Leaders create culture.
  • Culture drives behavior.
  • Behavior produces results.
Above the Line is well worth your time and filled with ideas you can share with your board.