Sunday, October 4, 2015

Do your board members have offices in your association’s headquarters?

If so, why?

I’ve always worked with national/international associations and we did not have offices for board members. Perhaps large local associations provide officers for board members?

I raise the issue because of the on-going saga here with the local school board and school superintendent.

The school board seems dysfunctional. They have been through 6 superintendents in 18 years. The most recent superintendent resigned less than three years after her appointment.

When she was hired as an interim/acting/temporary/permanent superintendent, I posted this blog in 2013 asking: Would you take this Nonprofit CEO position?

As I’ve followed this “case,” I’ve wondered whether the board itself is dysfunctional? Or, have they just failed to hire the right person to be superintendent.

School board members provide conflicting statements/opinions in the news media ... what happened to the Duty of Loyalty to speak with one voice?

It was with surprise; however, when I read that the district provides offices for school board members. Thus, they have elected board members housed in the same building as appointed staff who are supposedly reporting to the CEO/superintendent.

What do you think about having board members offices mixed within your association headquarters?

If it were me, I would be very reluctant to serve as a CEO under these circumstances. It seems to invite micro-managing and potentially interfere with CEO-staff relations.

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