Sunday, September 13, 2015

Branding (for associations) at a Glance

I stopped at a convenience story the other day to get gas and a newspaper. While in the store, I remembered we needed peanut butter. I wondered, “Will they have peanut butter?” “Should I go to the grocery store instead?”

Then, I spotted it. A jar of peanut butter that was “my brand.” 

An easy – and comfortable – decision ... that saved me a 20+ minute drive to/from the grocery.

We flew to Columbus over the weekend.

Looking at the “number pillars” told me I was at a Southwest gate ... without looking for a sign.

Again, a no brainer: friendly flight attendants. No bag fees. Lower prices. On time.

We were in Columbus for a football game at Ohio State ... oops at THE Ohio State University.

In the last 20+years, the OSU brand using “The” with Ohio State has become so powerful that there is a new hat selling out as fast as stores get them. It simply says THE ... in scarlet and grey. No other name. Just THE. 
No joke. 

One word full with meaning: National champions. Pride. Great memories.

Jiff. Southwest. THE.

Three strong images and brands filled with meanings and perhaps memories. Making decisions easier, faster, reliable.

What is your association’s brand?

  • Do your members see your logo and know you and what your organization stands for?
  • Do your prospects and other target audiences quickly recognize your images and know who you are?
Branding is a buzz word to some but more likely a growth strategy and tactic to others.

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