Monday, September 28, 2015

7 Oldies but Goodies for Associations Executives

The other night some couples were discussing their favorite “old” television programs. You know: Seinfield, Mork & Mindy, Laverne & Shirley, etc.

Associations can benefit from using some “oldies but goodies” ... especially with older members and/or with great content that could be refreshed.

With that spirit, here are some of my “old posts” that are worth revisiting:

Should associations use faux research to advocate a cause?
It continues to amaze me on how “gullible” the news media is to faux research reports produced by advocacy groups. I’ve posted other blogs about “research.” Today, I saw multiple news items about the newest poll on Republican presidential candidates “polling numbers.” The “reporters” talked about 1-3 point changes in a given candidates standings. What they didn’t mention is that the poll had an error range of 6.5 percent ... meaning the results were basically full of error.

Would you take this Nonprofit CEO position?
As I’ve followed this “case,” I’ve wondered whether the board itself is dysfunctional? Or, have they just failed to hire the right person to be superintendent. I posted this June 2013. Earlier this month, the superintendent resigned. Hum?

Thoughts for Embattled Association CEOs: 3 Lessons from one who’s been there
Three lessons you may want to keep in mind when your time comes to separate from your association.

Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign: A Message for Associations
As you look at your association’s “rituals and practices” from a prospect’s point of view, are these traditions of our membership or barriers to future membership?

Why are competency-based association boards an anomaly?
If the desired goal is a board filled with leaders who possess critical skills, then the challenge for association professionals is to find a governance system that makes it happen. But, a competency-based board is a rarity.

4 Ways Content Marketing Builds Associations
Managing Content Marketing, a book from Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose offers valuable information for associations and nonprofits interested in connecting with their members and prospects.

Leap vs Creep Philosophies for Membership Dues
If your association follows the LEAP philosophy, it probably makes sense to “announce” the dues increase. If however, your association follows the CREEP philosophy, there is no real need to announce the dues increase.

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