Sunday, July 19, 2015

What Makes Your Association Stand Out?

A friend of ours spotted this gold fish bowl in Chicago's Burnham Hotel. Intrigued and impressed, he took a photo and posted it on Facebook. So did others.

A gold fish in a fish bowl?

Yes, a gold fish is spreading word of mouth about a hotel.

Makes me wonder what associations and nonprofits are doing to distinguish themselves from competitors?

I worked for a national association who had a reputation for outstanding conferences and meetings. I was standing in line at the national convention one year and asked a member (who said it was his first national meeting) why he decided to attend. He said, “Well, I went to one of your 2-day winter meetings. It was the best meeting I had ever attended. So, I thought I should see if your national convention was just as good.”

That is a distinct advantage.

What are five ways your association or nonprofit can distinguish itself?
  1. an outstanding, mobile-friendly, content-rich website
  2. a captivating logo
  3. an engaging cause marketing campaign
  4. a respected, successful government relations program
  5. a friendly, member-oriented receptionist
How and where does your association distinguish itself? What would you add?

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