Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What Does Your Website Say to Your Association's Prospects & Members?

#1 (l) focuses on home; #2 (r) focuses on prospects

When you are searching for a product, service or other “thing,” you often end up on the organization’s website, right?

If you are like me, you quickly realize that not all websites are created equally! Some focus on telling prospects how wonderful they are. Others focus on answering prospects questions.

I thought of this the other day when I Googled retirement homes in a relative’s small home town. The search led me to explore websites of two centers.

Boy, were they different in terms of the “feel” they gave prospects.

  • The first website’s front page featured a photo and message from the facility’s executive director. 
  • The second one’s front page featured rotating photos and quotes from residents answering what I perceive as key questions a potential new resident would be asking.

Which is better?

#1 is about “we’re great” while #2 is about “answers key questions.”

I liked #2 because it focused on our questions about the retirement home experience. Key concerns of my relative.

What does this mean to associations?

Well, does your website focus on the concerns and needs of your audience (members and prospects) or does it focus on “how wonderful you are?”

Long-ago, my PR professor told us ...
“To hell with your grass seed, what will it do for my yard.”

As you look at your association’s website (from the viewpoint of your members and prospects), are you “selling seed” or “focused on your prospects grass?”

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