Monday, May 25, 2015

Share What You Do With Association Board Members

Typical associations spend two-thirds of their annual budgets on personnel costs.

Over the years, I’ve watched some “budget funding battles” that demonstrated the boards didn’t really know what their association staff was doing on behalf of the organization.

During these debates, I discovered that it is hard to explain WHAT you do but even more difficult to share HOW you do it.

That’s because many association professionals focus on TELLING board members ... but, perhaps, it is more effective to SHOW them.

Here is a great example from Plum Hollow’s golf course superintendent Adam Garr SHOWING his members what happens to get a golf course ready for play after a long winter. Adam posted this with the video:
  • Each year we're given the chance to wipe the slate clean and begin again. I spent all of March and April documenting the process of waking up the golf course and getting it ready for another season. Think you have an idea of what it takes? Think again!
  • Hours of video, over 400 shots, were compiled over a six-week period to pull this one off. The final product stands at 5:57 seconds with 216 shots in it. I wanted to capture the frenetic pace of spring projects and preparations working with a short staff.
What does your association do to share staffing functions with board members and the association?

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