Monday, May 18, 2015

Associations: Getting Beyond Just Millennials

Sitting in a dentist’s chair the other day, I realized how much has changed since I was a kid suffering from the sound of a “belt-driven tooth drill.” Nearly everything in the dentist office has changed. Same goes for my physician’s office and his use of an iPad to update my files.
So many people limit the discussion of digital technology to that which millennials have adopted. And, as associations, we forget to recognize how much all members are using technology in their daily lives.

Over the last few years, several authors have published good books about associations and millennials.

I can think of
While it is extremely important for associations to focus on reaching and engaging millennials, they should not lose site of Boomers and other members and leaders.

Think about it.

From Facebook & Twitter to Smart Phones and iPads, Boomers (and Xers) are using many of the same tools millennials are using.

The other day, a talking head on TV suggested selfies were the exclusive purview of millennials. Later that day, I passed some seniors in a restaurant: they were talking about selfies!

“We treat Millennials as a special dynamic that needs to be understood but your older customers are losing out if you’re not doing a deep dive into their needs too,” wrote Ruthanne Terrero, editorial director of TravelAgent magazine.

Social Media. Causes.

I work and live in a 55-and older community. Respondents to an informal survey for a presentation I gave recently, shared some interesting stats:
  • 77.2% of respondents said they are on Facebook
  • 78.6% said they are active in texters
  • 52.7% said they are active on Facebook
  • 75.4% have a smart phone
  • 77.2% own/use a tablet computer
  • Only 47.4% still have a land-line telephone
Successful associations will modify their programming, services and media to be attractive to all age groups.

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