Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Go, Sick and Associations

Go or Sick: A Choice for Associations

I watched as a couple of four-year-olds raced ahead of mom on a sidewalk.

It reminded me of a parents’ phrase from years ago:

  • For kids that age there are two speeds: go and sick.
Associations seem to have a go or (not and) sick mentality.

I’ve watched over the years as some – usually successful – associations are in the “go” mode ... in member development, in education and conferences, in board development and more.

They seem to do the right things at the right time for the right reasons.

Other associations, however, seem caught in the “sick” mode. They allow processes and/or planning keep them from going. They are caught in a constant planning cycle. Their systems – while well intentioned – hamper their actions.

  • Planning is good.
  • Processes are good.
  • Systems are good.
But, purposeful action is better.

Working on behalf of members, better.

And, the Nike theme “Just Do It” works well for associations and nonprofits.

Is your association in the go or sick mode?

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