Sunday, January 25, 2015

5 Passion Busters within Associations

Passion drives success.

Passion grows associations.

Passion permeates throughout the organization especially one that is “clicking on all cylinders.” This showed in Ohio State’s drive for the national championship in college football and was evident in Saturday’s celebration which drew more than 50,000 people to Ohio Stadium on a cold Saturday morning.

[And, passion drives publishing and advice! Amazon lists 198,435 books/products with the word PASSION in the title!]

Unfortunately, passion is not automatic. 

And, unfortunately, organizations can lose passion.

Here are five “passion busters” ...

I’ve observed over the last 35 years in association management:

1. An uncommitted board
  • Directors exhibit a “me first” rather than “members first” attitude.
  • Directors focus on politics rather than programs or performance.
2. Lack of purpose or disagreement over purpose
  • Organization has no clear sense of purpose or ignores the stated mission.
  • Organization deviates from the stated purpose or mission.
3. Unused or underappreciated staff talent
  • Board attitudes/actions make staff professionals feel like hired hands.
  • Association management treats staff as robots rather than professionals.
4. Lack of caring and teamwork
  • Board and staff just don’t like each other.
  • Staff silos interfere with organizational performance.
5. Unsustainable programs
  • Board members refuse to recognize when sacred cows become unsustainable.
  • Staff refuse to recommend program changes.
What do you think?
What other “passion busters” have you seen in associations?

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