Thursday, November 20, 2014

6 Articles for Associations and Millennials

Millennials Will Become The Majority In The Workforce In 2015. Is Your Company Ready?

Via FastCompany

Next year, people born between 1981 and 1996 are poised to become the new workforce majority and will eventually remake the workplace in their own image. That means office culture is in for big changes. As a new survey shows, this generation is already chafing at today's traditional company structures. More than half of the hiring managers agreed that it was difficult to find and retain millennial labor. Nearly 80% of the millennials surveyed say they would consider quitting their existing jobs and working for themselves in the future.

Study Debunks Myths about Generations’ Workplace Preferences

As a generation, millennials (born between 1981 and 1996) are widely characterized as being extremely connected, tech savvy, diverse, expressive, optimistic and socially minded. In the workplace, they have been described as being adaptable and collaborative, multitaskers, and as having a general disregard for organizational hierarchy. As it turns out, how millennials work and what they want from their work environment is not drastically different than what Generation Xers and baby boomers want. In fact, in the vast majority (75%) of the 250 questions CBRE’s Workplace Strategy team posed to more than 5,500 U.S.-based professionals from a wide range of industries in its workplace surveys, there was no more than a 10% difference between how millennials responded versus how other generations responded."

The case for taking millennials seriously
By Selena Simmons-Duffin via Minnesota NPR

Millennials have already shaped your life. Let me start with those little screens we're always on: Millennials aren't simply users of social media. We invented it. It's connected. It's open. And it's diverse. We millennials have drive. We are optimistic.

Why is Everyone Talking About Millennials?
By Scott Hess via Spark SMG

Why’s everybody so worked up about Millennials now? Three big reasons:
BIG REASON #1: They’re the largest living generation.
BIG REASON #2: They’re entering their prime earning and consuming years.
BIG REASON #3: They’re uniquely influential.

Scary Workforce Stats 2014By Sarah Sladek vis XYZ University

A culmination of Scary Stats as presented by XYZ University:
By 2015, the majority of the workforce will be in their 20s. (source)

  • 1 in 3 college students and young professionals under age 30 prioritize social media freedom over salary in accepting a job offer. (source)
  • On average, 10,000 Baby Boomers retire every day. (source)
  • Nearly 60% of Generation Y has switched careers at least once already. (Pew Research Center, A Portrait of Generation Next, 2010)
  • By 2015, Generation Y (1982-1995) will outnumber Baby Boomers in the workforce. (source)
Texas Beef Council Aims for Millennials
By Ernie Smith via AssociationsNow

Old strategies such as the iconic “Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner” television campaign, which peaked around 1992, are giving way to new-media approaches, including apps and websites. The Texas Beef Council has tried a mix of strategies, including launching a series of how-to videos on its YouTube page and creating events aimed at millennials, like “Girls Gone Grilling,” an attempt to rope in another consumer segment important to the industry—women. “There’s a lack of confidence in their cooking skills utilizing beef,” Russell Woodward, the council’s senior marketing manager, told the Texas Tribune. “One of the focuses is to put the information out there how to grill beef, also how it fits in the everyday.”

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