Sunday, November 16, 2014

3 Tips To Ensure Full Potential of Association Promotions

Anything Missing from Your Key Association/Foundation Messages

My wife (and proof reader) shared this email and asked me, “What’s wrong with this email?”

Ignore the typos!

Did you find it?

Ok, it is so obvious it may be hard to see ....

  • If you want to make a donation, where do you send the check?
Even with the best message possible, you're returns will be much lower if you don't tell your potential donors how to donate!

Thus, you've created a lost opportunity.

Have you ever had a promotional piece with such a glaring error?

I have. 

It was a promotion piece for a conference for a client. We left off the date! We had proofed it. The client had reviewed and approved it. So, we printed and mailed it. And, then the client called to say “the date is missing.” Yikes!

So, how do we create and produce “error-free” communications?
  1. Proof and reproof ... not you but a proofer.
  2. Ask someone who is not involved to review your piece and offer suggestions.
  3. Re-read the piece. Look for answers to all the questions: who, what, when, where, why, how.
No matter how urgent, do not take shortcuts with these three steps!

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