Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Leadership & Culture: Lessons from Microsoft’s new CEO

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella
In a story headlined “Interview: How Nadella plans to upend Microsoft,” USA Today’s Marco della Cava, gave excellent insight.

Here are three paragraphs that I thought valuable for association executives:
  • "You need new concepts with new innovation, and you have to have new capability and culture to go after those new concepts," he says. "Your existing success kind of fights those things, so you have to over-amplify the new concept and the culture required for it. And that's the journey."
  • "Turns out that adoption rate was wrong, we'll exceed $150 billion by 2017, which will be 10% of total IT spend," says Michael Heric, a Bain partner focusing on technology, media and telecommunications. "Cloud computing is bringing sophisticated technology to large and small companies, from those working on cancer research to someone trying to predict weather patterns."
  • Nadella's desire to play nice with others in the tech world reflects the ongoing devolution of the industry. Where once stood monoliths such as Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Apple and Microsoft — each warring for faithful consumers — today's startup-fueled tech world places technology itself in a secondary role to innovative ideas and disruptive business models typified by the likes of Facebook and Uber.
In reading the interview, I saw three important elements for association managers:
  • Culture of change
  • Culture of leadership
  • Culture of collaboration
Read and enjoy!

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