Sunday, October 12, 2014

Greening the Association

Office Depot Pavilion at 2014 Bioproducts World Showcase & Conference

I attended the Bioproducts World Showcase & Conference (BWSC) last week and came away impressed with the huge array of products available for associations interested in greener alternatives.

The Office Depot pavilion – which included several companies – showcased multiple biobased products associations could use in their day-to-day operations or at meetings.

Two examples:

  • The B2P (as in Bottle 2 Plastic) pens from Pilot. The casing of the pens are made from recycled plastic bottles. Cool tool. Great handouts. Great use of recycled products.
  • 100% bioblend tree-free pads and paper from Roaring Spring. The BWSC used these papers for producing the conference program and for notepads provided to attendees. 
These were just two of the biobased products that associations might use in efforts to be more environmental friendly.

I recognize that some association conferences “go paperless” ... which means most attendees print the materials at their office or home. This practice doesn’t save paper, just pushes the cost from the association to the attendee.

Wouldn’t it be better for associations to use this type of biobased products in all association operations?

What is your association doing?

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