Sunday, October 19, 2014

Finding Passion within the Association Community

A couple of quotes:
  • Be careful not to close the door too quickly ... You may be locking yourself out. – Audrey Harvey
  • Nobody notices normal. – Scott Ginsberg
I thought of these as I read a USA Today piece headlined “Finding your passion for a 2nd or 3rd career.”  It is largely based on the book The Encore Career Handbook and One Person/Multiple Careers by Marci Alboher, a vice president at
  • “Many people want to continue working well beyond the traditional retirement age, and to do that they're finding new creative ways to stay employed in not just one new career, but two, three or more careers.”

Two important points for associations and association executives:

  1. Association executives nearling retirement should be focused on “what’s next.” Don’t wait until “it’s time to go.” Think ahead and plan. After all, you’ll spend 20 to 30 years in “retirement.”
  2. Associations may want to look at retiring association executives for special projects, consulting or short-term efforts requiring association experience.
So, don’t close doors too quickly!

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