Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Content, Millenials & Videos{ 7 best of the week for associations

How to Overcome the 'No Time to Create Content' Challenge
By Joe Chernov via MarketingProfs.com

How can we maximize our content output in the minimum amount of time? The answer, it turns out, isn't particularly complex: Spend time only on content that works. HubSpot recently surveyed nearly 3,600 marketing and sales professionals for our annual State of Inbound report (available at link; email required), and asked several questions related to content creation and impact. Then we pivoted the data to see where high performers—that is, marketers who generated greater year-over-year return on their inbound investment—spent their time and resources. A pattern emerged.

Why Steve Jobs Obsessed About Office Design (And, Yes, Bathroom Locations)
By Walter Isaacson of the Aspen Institute

Creativity is a collaborative process. As brilliant as the many inventors of the Internet and computer were, they achieved most of their advances through teamwork. Even though the Internet provided a tool for virtual and distant collaborations, another lesson of digital-age innovation is that, now as in the past, physical proximity is beneficial. The most productive teams were those that brought together people with a wide array of specialties.

Three Tips for Producing Online Video from a Popular Youtube Host
By Katie Bascuas via AssociationsNow

Launching a new video? Emily Graslie, host of the online educational series The Brain Scoop, shared a few tips for producing shareable video during last week’s Online News Association Conference. With 80 percent of companies now producing online video, and with more and more people posting their own, video is a communication platform ripe with opportunity.

Why is Everyone Talking About Millennials?
By Scott Hess via Spark SMG

Why’s everybody so worked up about Millennials now? Three big reasons.
BIG REASON #1: They’re the largest living generation.
BIG REASON #2: They’re entering their prime earning and consuming years.
BIG REASON #3: They’re uniquely influential.

The Data You Have Can Not Help You… Much
By Amanda Kaiser via Smooth the Path blog

What do you need to attract and engage more members? A better brand? A more compelling marketing story? Great marketing strategies? And perhaps some innovation in new product offerings? To help you do any or all of these things right you need to accurately and completely understand your member’s problems, goals, needs, options and emotional drivers. Your data, the data that you capture and store right now will not answer these questions for you. The data you have signals problems but does not offer solutions.

The case for taking millennials seriously
By Selena Simmons-Duffin via Minnesota Public Radio

In the U.S., people born between 1980 and 2000 now outnumber baby boomers, and their numbers are still growing because of immigration. This generation is already shaping American life, and in a series of stories — largely reported by millennials themselves — NPR will explore how this New Boom is transforming the country. There are more millennials in America right now than baby boomers — more than 80 million of us.

Healthier Association, Higher Membership Performance
By Joe Rominiecki via AssociationsNow

When NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals, found itself in decline, it took a cue from its members’ profession to get back on track. “We [addiction professionals] work with treatment plans, and we are used to there being identifiable goals, symptoms, and results that we want to be able to work toward,” says Misti Storie, director of training and professional development at NAADAC. “And so the structure that we used here was to make a treatment plan for our organization: We know there are things that need to be addressed, and here’s how we know them. Here are the efforts that we’re going to start making, and here are the end results that we’re hoping to get to. And, here’s how we know we’ve done it. And the document that was created … was our roadmap.”

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