Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Perspective influences views & decisions

2 photos: same place, same time, different perspective!

Differing perspectives of board members often influence discussions and decisions of associations and nonprofit organizations.

Debates often continue without board members realizing those different perspectives.

Individual perspectives result from
  • it depends on where you sit (officer, board member, committee member, association executive)
  • it depends on where you look (internally, externally, short-term, long-term, strategic or tactical)
  • it is based on your culture or environment (your profession or industry, your generation, your gender, your race, your state of origin)
The two photos above offer a great example of differing perspectives. Both were taken last night from the exact same position at the exact same time.

Look at the difference!

Now, suppose board member A is looking right while board member B is looking left. They come at the board’s discussion and decision with completely different views.

The job of board presidents and association CEOs is to ensure that board members take time to reflect on the perspectives of other board members. Help them explore their differences and see if they can find the best decision for the association.

How do you do this?
  1. As moderator, invite board members to reflect on the differing views and perspectives.
  2. Share an example ... it could be these two photos or, I’ve often used clear salt and pepper shakers. One view sees only white salt. Another view sees only black pepper. One view sees both black and white.
What suggestions do you have to offer association executives? Feel free to post a comment at www.scdgroup.net.

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