Sunday, July 6, 2014

Are your association members using Instagram?

I’m speaking in July to a group whose members are seeking ways to engage millenials in their small businesses.
The other day, I found an Associated Press story titled Small businesses get sales using Instagram.
The members of this association offer visual events that could result in “selfies” posted on Instagram. 

What about your members?

Are they using Instagram? Could they be? What is your association doing to inform its members about the power of Instagram and how to use it to grow their businesses?

Here are some resources you can use.

Ways Small Businesses Use Instagram for Marketing posted by Liku Zelleke in Marketing General’s Top10 SM blog

In Small Businesses Make Their Instagram Photos Worth A Thousand Likes, Forbes shares 5 tips on using Instagram to promote your business.
  1. Post consistently.
  2. Leverage relevant hashtags.
  3. Regram your followers ... Apps like Instarepost and Repost for Instagram work effectively to best capture the posts original content and credit the user.
  4. Post about relevant events.
  5. Instagram can be used for any brand.
How 3 Small Businesses Use Instagram for Marketing

Using Instagram, small business owners can instantly put a face to their businesses’ name—and watch their customer relationships and sales flourish as a result. Three ways:
  1. Build Your Brand
  2. Share Your Expertise
  3. Harness the Power of Hashtags

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