Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Are Key Job Interview Screening Questions Changing?

A fellow association management professional’s comment yesterday surprised me.

He said a search firm executive was conducting a screening interview for an opening for at association.

Her opening question was: 

“What five (5) blogs do you read each day?”

Since he is in the 50+ age protected class, he took the screening question as a substitute for asking, “How old are you?”

I’m not so sure ... but, it is a really interesting question that is perhaps a sign of the times. It is a switch from asking, “What do you read” and reflects the changes in media and reading habits.

My friend’s comment came the same day an Association CEO called me asking for referrals for a couple of positions at his association. He said, “I need someone who has a sense of databases, social media and computers.”

The needs for association professionals continue to change.

And, with it, the qualities associations are seeking is changing.

And, thus, it appears that the interview questions are changing, too!

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