Sunday, July 27, 2014

Add #TestimonialTuesday to Your Association’s Member Recruitment Plan

As you may recall, I wrote recently about #ThrowbackThursdays and the opportunity it presents associations and nonprofits.

The other day, my wife shared a #TestimonialTuesday Facebook note ... correctly thinking that I might use it for an SCDdaily blog post!

While #ThrowbackThursday (also known as #TBT) represents a great tool for retaining members (by reminding them of great things your organization has done in the past), #TestimonialTuesday represents an online member recruitment tool.

For years, association membership professionals have sought testimonials to share on member recruitment materials and on association websites.

#TestimonialTuesday ... posting testimonials on both Facebook and Twitter (and perhaps videos on YouTube and photos on Instagram) ... offer a way to expand the use of your testimonials.

The key is to be sure the posts are written by the member and not polished up by one of your association public relations professionals! 

In addition, check your members to see who already is using #TestimonialTuesday. They might be great resources for other members. For example, here is a medical doctor's #TestimonialTuesday from a patient!

Be authentic!

Here’s an example of a #TestimonialTuesday post from the Manufacturers' Agents Association for the Foodservice Industry (MAFSI).

What do you think? Does #TestimonialTuesday add a new tool for your member recruitment campaigns? Are you using this? If so, please share your thoughts at

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