Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Trivial items can challenge boards

While on a board conference call, I tracked the time the board spent discussing what “logo shirts” they would wear at an upcoming convention.

17 minutes! Of a 60 minute call. That’s 28% of the board time spent talking about shirt color!

I am NOT kidding you?

At the end of the call, I challenged the board with the statistic saying, “What does this mean for your members? Is it really worth 28% of your meeting time?”

Have you examined the time your association board spends on trivial items?

Perhaps it is time that association executives take time to challenge their boards, to work with the board chair to keep the board focused, to help set the agenda by putting the “big things” first.

Many associations have started using the “consent agenda” format which puts items (such as committee reports) that really don’t need the board’s time to a list at the end of the agenda. These items are assumed “filed” unless one of the board asks that it be placed on the discussion portion of the agenda.

Board time is a non-renewable resource. 

Do your best to help your board leadership get full value of the time your board members volunteer.

By the way, boards that waste time soon find really great board members bailing out. They don’t want to waste their time.

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