Thursday, June 19, 2014

Throwback Thursday opportunities for associations & nonprofits

A growing number of organizations (companies, churches, associations) have begun using Throwback Thursdays (TBT) as a social media strategy to promote elements of their organization.

What is Throwback Thursday?  

Throwback Thursday, better known as #TBT, is a weekly reminiscent photo movement that has taken off globally, particularly on Instagram.

Here are some examples:

Recent #TBTs from St. Mark Church (left) and Wisconsin DECA (right)
Note that WI DECA's association marketing uses its #TBT to promote its 2014 COW (Chapter Opportunity Workshop) event.

Recent #TBTs from A-B (left), Novartis (center) and Dodge (right) promote the corporate brand.

By the way, #ThrowbackThursday on Twitter is a constant stream.  So, in addition to posting multiple times a day on Twitter, remember to cross post it to Facebook and other social media sites.

Is your organization using Throwback Thursdays to promote your association or its events?

If so, what are you doing and have you been successful? Please share your comments at

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