Sunday, June 22, 2014

Futbol Fever Sparks Association Growth

Photo by Sarah Coward/
American Outlaws ... founded in Lincoln, Nebraska, around the 2006 World Cup ... is rapidly expanding during the ongoing 2014 World Cup Soccer tournament.

Membership is only $29. Benefits include supporting U.S. soccer and receiving a free t-shirt and bandana. $5 of each membership goes to support the local chapters which now number 140.

Television and social media are propelling growth and excitement. A feature story in the News-Press illustrates how this is all coming together.

"I think everybody just wants to be a part of something, especially something bigger than themselves. I think that's the big draw when it comes to social media," said Shannon Wilkinson, responsible for promotions for Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery in Fort Myers. "That was an experience for them that they get to keep. It's bigger than just watching a game. They're part of that moment. I find it incredible. I love it."

The organization features a clear, crisp mission: Be a part of the American Outlaws soccer community and help Unite & Strengthen US Soccer fans across the nation.

Three lessons for associations

  1. Find events and/or activities that engage your members or potential members
  2. Keep your mission focused as well as short, sweet and easy to repeat
  3. Offer a common bond: the shirt and bandana

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