Sunday, May 4, 2014

Video Stories Can Be Powerful Fundraising Tools

I’ve written before about the power of story telling for associations and nonprofit organizations.
Well, as we’ve seen over the last decade, video often powers stories better than words.

This touching video shows us a group of chimpanzees that are released in the wild (islands that are part of a sanctuary) after they were treated by the rescuers (including Dr. Jane Goodall) in a rehabilitation center because of various diseases and problems. It is a nice documentary with a strong message.

It is a powerful story and a great fundraising piece.

Compare this video to a typical direct mail letter.

Well, really, there is no comparison.

Your challenge as an association development person or communicator is to find these stories within your programs/missions/members/donors and bring them to life.

While I’m on fund-raising for associations and nonprofits, be sure to read John Haydon’s post headlined 3 Tips on Planning a Nonprofit Crowdfunding Campaign. The three tips are:
  1. Set SMART Goals & Objectives
  2. Craft a Story
  3. Activate Your Audience

See also Mark Athitakis' piece in today's Associations Now headlined How Storytelling Defines Your Brand.

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