Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Still an Association SwitchTasker?

As I 
reviewed some of my prior posts, I came across my January 1, 2013 post on Switchtasking.

As I reread it, I realize that I am still switchtasking but with some twists since 1/1/13:
  1. Now, I'm switchtasking between blogging, consulting projects, speaking engagements and golf. 
  2. Since we have downsized, my big home office has converted to sharing a dual desk with my wife. Since she's a clean desk person, I've tried to reduce the number of piles (that show)!
  3. I still have a bunch of unfinished blogs and I still use the alt tab feature to go from window to window on my laptop.
  4. I'm still tracking stories that relate to associations and nonprofits but I'm finding that I used Google News Alerts less than a year ago.

Here's my 2013 post:

Well, 2012 has wrapped up. Over the last 12 months, I’ve posted 264 blogs!

The crazy thing; however, is that I have 51 partly done blogs sitting in my computer!

Most productivity experts would call me unfocused, unable to finish tasks.

The December issue of Associations Now featured a short piece from Elizabeth Weaver Engel, CAE, titled Switch Off.

Reading it, I discovered that I am a “switchtasker” ... someone who rapidly alternates between tasks. For the remainder of the post, go to 
Switchtasking into 2013: confessions of an association professional.

What about you?

If you're an association executive, how are you managing all the tasks you face? How do you juggle your work duties with emails, social media and calls from board members?  How are you coping with your "information overload?"

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