Sunday, May 18, 2014

Should Association Boards be Based on Constituencies or Competencies?

During a consulting project last week, executive committee members asked me about their association's nominating committee.

Our nominations committee recommends a slate of board members who are elected to the executive board. We have traditionally used a “ladder system” and “moved up” the next person in line. Should we keep this system or start nominating the best person.

I shared my response in Friday's post

Over the weekend, I thought about my July 2012 post on the same subject.

Why are competency-based association boards an anomaly?

Or, rather than an anomaly, is it just associations I've experienced?

The other day I was reading a USA Today story about the “troubles” at the top of U.S. public flagship universities.

It caught my attention – not because I graduated from one nor because I spent 10 years working at colleges and universities – but because it focused on the governance of those universities.

The article and quoted research focused on the dysfunctional boards, most of whom are filled with political appointees.

You can read the rest of this post at Why are competency-based association boards an anomaly?

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