Thursday, April 17, 2014

New & Improved Valid Strategy for Associations & Nonprofits

I grew up somewhat cynical of advertising claims for “new and improved” products. They seemed phony ... somewhat like the “wait, there’s more” claims on cable tv ads.
I thought about this as my wife and I were shopping for accessories for our new home the other day. This included one store that we have visited several times and from which we have purchased several items.

After leaving this time, my wife remarked, “I was disappointed. It didn’t seem as though they had any new items. Everything seems to be in the same place.”

This led to a discussion about “new and improved.”

She noted that – at a different store – a sales person was moving items. She asked the sales person if she was putting out new items for sale. “No,” the salesperson responded. “We’re just moving items to refresh the look and help customers find them.”

Interesting, isn’t it?

What is your association doing to refresh what you offer your members?
  • Membership services
  • Conference programming
  • Newsletters and magazines
If you haven’t changed in a long time (2 years), maybe you need to refresh before your members think you are old and stodgy.

Despite my cynicism, “new and improved” continues and works.

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