Sunday, March 16, 2014

Staffing for Small Associations & Nonprofits

The above ad for an Executive Director for a Small Nonprofit organization appeared in the local newspaper:

Notice the desired skills:

  • Experience managing people
  • Very strong financial skills
  • Excellent public speaker
  • Exceptional writing skills
  • Familiar with Quickbooks & Publisher
  • Experience in event planning
  • Fundraising experience is a definite plus
  • A hands-on position that includes administrative tasks
All of these skills and experiences in a single person? 

It is likely that this nonprofit will find someone to be its executive director. It is highly unlikely its new executive director will possess all these skills.

Speaking and writing are very different skill sets than financial and QuickBooks. Fundraising and event planning are similar but different.

So, what is a small association or nonprofit to do? What is the board’s role not just in the selection of the executive director but also in the guidance and management of the person hired.

How do they get all these specific tasks accomplished?

And, to me, the key question is how does this and other small associations and nonprofits ensure proper financial checks and balances to protect its finances.
  • Would an association management company be an option?
  • Could it share resources with other nonprofits in the community?
  • Should it move ahead with a single person after installing strong policies and procedures?
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