Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Causes Help Reduce Association Hiring Challenges from Retiring Boomers

One Boomer turns 65 every 8 seconds. That means 3.9 million Boomers will turn 65 in 2014. And in the next 5 years, the number of Boomers turning 65 totals 19,656,000! 

Now, we know that not everyone will retire when they turn 65. But, many of the 19.6 million Boomers will retire in the next five or six years. 

And, that creates a hiring challenge for associations and nonprofit organizations. 


Because of the competition coming from industry, business, government and others seeking replacements too. 

Generational research shows that most of the 80 million millennials coming into the workforce prefer to seek jobs at companies that support causes they care about.

I was reminded of this the other night. A couple told us that their son had just taken a job at Microsoft. Microsoft believes in giving back and supports employees who volunteer. Their son gets paid $17 an hour for his documented volunteer hours. He likes to coach youth sports. He uses the money Microsoft pays him to buy uniforms and other “stuff” for the youth he coaches.

I love it!

Unfortunately, most associations don’t have the funds to pay staff for their volunteer time.

But, many associations are mission driven and/or cause related. 

To compete for talent to replace retiring Boomers, we need to be emphasizing the cause nature of our missions.

Look at your association’s staff. How many are getting close to retirement? Who will replace them?

XYZ University shared this related piece: 5 Key Elements of a Successful Talent Development Program

By the way, creating and maintaining a great work culture and environment greatly helps your recruiting for the word-of-mouth reliant millennials.  They can be your strongest allies in recruiting new talent to replace retiring Boomers.

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