Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Got Ice? Association Uses Google+ Video Chat to Address Fast Moving Issue

Screen grab from MiGSCA ice videocast
Long-term freezing snow and ice damages golf course greens and turf.

It is a serious issue for members of the Michigan Golf Course Superintendents Association (MiGSCA).

I learned this from Adam Garr of the Plum Hollow Country Club in Michigan through his tweets and You Tube posts.

I met Adam when he attended my generational differences and social marketing sessions at the 2013 Syngenta Business Institute.

I’ve been following the social media (heavy on YouTube) work including an announcement that he would be on an MiGSCA panel about the issue of ice on greens.

To address this issue in a timely manager, MiGCSA organized and held a Google+ Video Chat  featuring a turf expert from Michigan State University and five golf course superintendents with the issue. They invited viewers to tweet questions.

Adam Ikamas, MiGSCA executive director, shared the following:
  • We used only Google hangout on air for the discussion. We used twitter and Facebook to promote it.
  • It was a fast moving issue for many Michigan golf courses. They organized the session and started tweeting it out about two weeks prior to the actual event.
  • Thirty sites tuned in. One of those was a group of 50 or so at lunch at a meeting in Chicago.
  • Members have been very positive.
  • When/if you association members face a fast-paced issue that impacts them, what is your association doing? 
Perhaps this format of a Google hangout “video conference” is worth considering?

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