Tuesday, February 11, 2014

6 Ways to Engage Xers and Millenials on Your Board

I wrote earlier this week about two friends and their reluctance to serve on association boards. I’ve mentioned before the impending rapid turnover of board members as Boomers retire.

Engagement of Gen Xers and Millenials as volunteers and board members represents the key to filling board seats and volunteer positions that Boomers currently occupy. Xers and Millenials, however, have “issues” with serving in leadership positions of traditional associations and nonprofit organizations.

And, the No. 1 roadblock is amount of time it takes to serve on a nonprofit or association board. 

Time spent with family and friends is one core value for Millenials. Thus, volunteer service represents competition for and time away from family and friends.

Here are six ideas association and nonprofit boards may employ to alleviate these concerns:
  1. Shorten meetings, delete “boring reports,” focus on key issues/decisions and end weekend meetings.
  2. Schedule more virtual meetings as a way to cut travel time.
  3. Eliminate 2-year terms for officers; many don’t want to invest that much time as an officer.
  4. Streamline board structure as a tool to speed actions and create more results.
  5. Shorten length of time commitments for committees, task forces and other volunteer jobs.
  6. Create a cause orientation for your organization as Millenials are looking to use their volunteer time to benefit great causes.
Good luck.

Feel free to use the comment box to share what your association is doing.

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