Sunday, January 12, 2014

How do your association members and attendees find you?

The other Sunday, as part of our search for a church here in Fort Myers, we visited a different church for the first time.

During the sermon, the relatively new minister shared thoughts on his observations of his first seven months. 

What caught my attention was his listing of sources for new members at mainline churches.

Here’s what he shared:
  • 3% came through evangelistic crusades or revivals
  • 4% came through church programs
  • 4% came through Sunday school
  • 5% came as walk-ins
  • 8% came because of the pastor
  • 76% came through friends or relatives 

What are your association’s numbers?

How do your new members find you to join? Did they attend a fantastic event or program? Did they meet your CEO and a staff member? Did they discover you on the web or social media? Or, did one of your current members invite them to join? Or, suggest they attend one of your programs?

If you discover your numbers/sources, you will know how and where to focus your member recruitment efforts.

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