Thursday, January 30, 2014

Can “oldies but goodies” work for associations and nonprofits?

Perhaps I need to get a life!

  • Last night, I found myself watching the reruns of the 2003 US Open on the Golf Channel.
  • Today while driving around town, I found myself listening to the 1996 NHL All-Star game on satellite radio.
  • And, my wife and I often switch off “regular TV” and watch reruns of Frazier on TVLand.
What the heck?

Am I that far “off” from viewing and listening patterns of people ... including your members/donors and prospects?

Probably not. The channels featuring popular re-runs demonstrate large audiences. As do “oldies but goodies” radio stations.

Perhaps it’s time you think about the value to your members of the five Rs of content:
  •  Recycle. 
  •  Reuse. 
  •  Redistribute. 
  •  Repackage. 
  •  Renew & improve.
Here's what I'm seeing:
  • Some magazines that have a monthly feature sharing the best articles from prior editions.
  • One organization that compiles the best articles from the magazine into an annual “Tips” booklet or ebook.
  • Another organization repackages videos from conventions and provide to members.
  • An association compiles its Tips of the Week into an annual book (with ads) and provided to its members.
As I’ve blogged before, content (especially great content) is too valuable to use only once.

So, next time you hear some oldies but goodies or see a rerun on TV, think about how this could create value for your members and/or donors.

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