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13 best association blogs of 2013

Based on a review of reader numbers, here are my top 13 association blogs of 2013. Interestingly, 77% of the top read posts contained the word “board” in the headline. Sounds as though association professionals have a great deal of interest in dealing with association boards?

As I reviewed the SCDdaily for 2012 and 2013, I noted some of your comments about how much you like and value my writing. 

 I noticed, however, that several of you feel I am writing too often and suggested I reduce the daily writing to be less than five times a week. While I worry about not having that daily deadline, I want to listen to your needs. So, starting in 2013, my intention is to post only three times a week. We’ll see how that works!

I wish you the best for 2014. Thanks for reading.

Meanwhile, here are the top 13 association blogs (from SCDGroup) for 2013 (listed based on rank in readership along with the date of original posting):

#1 3/7 Association Boards Road to Relevance: 5 Strategies for The Competitive Association.
  • For decades, membership organizations operated in a kinder, less competitive environment. But suddenly they find themselves overwhelmed with competition from multiple directions and non-traditional sources. 
#2 5/21 Membership, board conflict, name badges & millennial connections: 4 reads for association executives.
  • We complain about cable companies, but they have more subscription options than associations have membership options. When you join an association, you usually have one option for membership that’s defined by your place within an industry or profession – industry professional, vendor or student.
#3 1/21 Quality of Board Governance: What’s an Association Exec to Do? 
  • An association CEO’s call the other day asking for “governance models” got me to thinking: The lack of influence on the quality of my board of directors represented one of my frustrations as an association CEO.
#4 2/6 What’s on Your Association Board’s Agenda?
  • Board time is a nonrenewable resource ... don’t waste it!

#5 9/12 9 reasons to fire your association board members.  
  • Over the years, I’ve spotted nine big actions for which board members should be taken to the wood shed and/or fired. Some are worse than others. Here are my top nine in no specific order:
#6 3/3 3 Steps Association Boards & Executives Can Learn from Driver’s Ed
  • The instructor shared a “3-step process” for driving with our eyes:
  • Look at the road just in front of you
  • look up high to see the road way out ahead of you
  • look in the review mirror to see what is coming behind you
  • These three rules are pretty good for association leadership.

#7 2/20 Road to Relevance Provides Valued Insight for Association Execs. (Interview with Harrison Coerver and Mary Byers CAE
  • SCDdaily: Race for Relevance: 5 Radical Changes opened up lots of questions and dialogue … why come back with a sequel?
  • MB: The first book was really about making sure your structure and systems are right. This is about making sure your strategies (assuming you have them!) are well thought out.
#8 1/13 Hawaii Five-O & Monopoly Show Associations How to Engage Members. 
  • For tonight’s (1/14/13) showing of Hawaii Five-O, CBS invited viewers to vote on which ending they wanted for its show. They’re doing it live in real time! Talk about engaging viewers!
#9 10/30 13 scary board situations for association executives. 
  • In managing their nonprofit organizations, association executives often find themselves facing unexpected situations. Many situations don’t offer easy answers. Many of these situations are not covered in association management literature. I’ve pulled from the recesses of my brain some scary situations from over 35+ years of association management. Happy Halloween
#10 5/2 Are Doing and Thinking Switchable Tasks for Association Executives? 
  • I arranged for a non-profit CEO and a marketing agency chairman to meet and share ideas about a common marketing project for the non-profit.The non-profit is trying to decide whether to hire a marketing staffer or to contract with an agency.Both agreed that the challenge of a single marketing staffer comes down to hiring someone strategic (a thinker) or hiring someone to implement (a doer).
#11 6/20 Many Association Board Members Are Like Goldilocks. 
  • If Goldilocks observed your board meetings, what would she find? Some associations have directors who talk/contribute too much. Some have directors who don’t talk/contribute at all. Some have directors who are just right.
#12 6/16 Toxic Boards & Association Executives
  • I was reading a News-Press story the other day about changes in the National Alliance on Mental Illness in Lee County ... it was deja vu all over again! From the outside, NAMI-Lee has the makings of a “toxic board.”
#13 8/20 How do you tell your association board they're not the experts? 
  • What happens when your board or committees attempt to tackle issues for which they are not trained?

Bonus: 5/28 Dealing with Conflicts on Your Board.

There you have it ... the top association blogs from 2013.

Hope you have a great 2014!

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