Monday, December 2, 2013

Millennials+Content+Mobile = 6 Great Reads for Association Professionals

Study Shows One-third of Workers Aren't in Occupations Related to Their College Major
AgriMarketing Magazine via CareerBuilder

Choosing your college major is a significant life decision, but a new study from CareerBuilder suggests it may not necessarily define your career path. Nearly half (47 percent) of college-educated workers said their first job after college was not related to their college major. Thirty-two percent of college-educated workers reported that they never found a job related to their college major. Among more seasoned workers - those ages 35 and older - that number is 31 percent. The national survey was conducted online by Harris Interactive© from August 13 to September 6, 2013, and included a representative sample of 2,134 workers across industries and company sizes who graduated from college.

Content is a Verb
By Sonia Simone via

Here’s the thing you need to know when clients ask you to create content for their websites. They don’t just need this asset called “content.” Because content marketing is more than a collection of text documents to be cut and pasted into WordPress or an email program. It would be delightful if we could just write a whole bunch of words and call the job done. But (with the glorious exception of the email autoresponder) the real world doesn’t work that way. Content is a noun — a set of files you send the client. But it’s also a verb — a collection of actions you deliver over time.

Mobile Strategy for Small Businesses
By Bridget Randolph via MOZ blog

This article is written for small businesses ... but applies to associations, too.
Mobile is huge.
The problem is that people are doing it wrong. Even big brands are making very basic mistakes.
Why are so few adapting to mobile?
1) They don't see the value.
2) They do see the value, but they don't know where to start.

How Brands Should Prepare For The Season Of Mobile On Facebook
By David Cohen via All Facebook blog

Facebook’s emphasis on mobile will not take a vacation for the holiday shopping season, as the social network offered some tips for marketers looking to incorporate mobile into their Facebook promotion mix in a post on the Facebook for Business page.

The social network pointed out that some 128 million users in the U.S. access Facebook via mobile devices on a daily basis, adding that digital media has topped other media in terms of daily usage for the first time, and noting that Facebook mobile users check their apps an average of 14 times per day.

Three Free Event eBooks You Should Read
By Jeff Hurt via Velvet Chainsaw’s MidCourse Corrections

Conferences, events and meetings are evolving. We live in a time where change is the constant.

Disruptive innovation is the name of the game. If the institution can be disrupted, it will be. Here are three ebooks that discuss some of those event game changers.

  • Mobile Apps: The New Event Essential
  • The Good Event Registration Guide
  • The 2013 Speaker Report: The Use Of Professional And Industry Speakers In The Meetings Market
Headlines That Work: Has Science Finally Settled the Geek/Nerd Debate?
By Jerod Morris via

A headline cannot be written nor analyzed in a vacuum. The audience it is targeting matters, as does its context. You cannot just take any proven headline template and use it on any post, expecting it to deliver results. You must choose the right one for the right audience. It’s not easy, especially at first, but you build your “headline intuition” over time with practice.

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