Sunday, December 8, 2013

Handwriting, Creativity & Associations

Ok, I must admit that my handwriting (cursive) is terrible ... and getting worse!

I attribute it to missing 66 days of school in 1st and 2nd grades ... but it may be more of speed and 50+ years of typing. (I always tell people the one semester of typing – now called keyboarding – was the most useful class I took in high school.)

So, now I discover there is research on the importance of cursive writing and brain development.


Nancy B. Loughlin wrote a column on it that was headlined Know Thyself: Demise of cursive writing a sad tale .

A University of Washington study led by Dr. Virginia Berninger determined that the brain and the hand working together to execute the strokes of individual letters activates the areas of the brain dedicated to thinking, memory and language. Selecting a key on a board doesn’t.

On a more esoteric level, cursive handwriting reflects self, the swift connectedness of the letters a portal to the subconscious mind. Unlike the starts and stops of print, the conscious mind has less opportunity to control the pen because cursive flows.

Your signature is your self-portrait.

Interestingly, the new common core standards do not include cursive handwriting for elementary students.

From an association management perspective, perhaps there is value in checking handwriting?  [I probably would have flunked!]

Clearly, the challenges facing today’s associations require creativity within the overall association management capabilities. It is a vital part of the management equation.

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