Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Storytelling Builds Success for Association Execs

I can still recall the angst at my initial talk before the board of a large national association where I had just been named its director of public relations.

I was nervous because the CEO had been criticized for appointing someone with “no agricultural experience.” I had 12 years experience as a news reporter and college PR director but had never worked in agriculture.

The CEO gave me 15 minutes to introduce myself to the board.

What should I say?

So I shared a story from college where I had majored in agricultural economics and international journalism. I told them how I felt when going across the river from the main campus to the ag campus. How the attitude changed. The comfort level increased. I ended saying joining their association felt like coming home. 

And, that was the last of the criticism about my not being an “aggie.”

I thought of this as I read Jerod Morris’s awesome blog on the power of story telling

Association CEOs and association executives should carefully read this blog post and study its lessons. It will help you in meetings with boards, members and other vital audiences.

So, how do you tell a great story?

You make sure that you have the five elements that every great marketing story needs:
  • A hero
  • A goal
  • An obstacle
  • A mentor
  • A moral
But don’t stop here. Read Morris’s full blog.

Then, practice your story telling and watch your results!

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