Sunday, November 24, 2013

Quick Technique to Stop Wasting Association Board and Staff Meeting Time

7:29, 12:48 & 9:02 Central Drake Time
Board time is a non-renewable resource. 

So is staff time!

Yet, American culture and practice says you don’t need to get to a 9:00 am meeting until 5 or 10 minutes after 9.

And, recognizing this, many meeting chairs don’t start the meeting “until a few more members arrive.”

This represents a ridiculous waste of time and resources. And, those arriving late show they don’t respect their colleagues or the value of their time.

Years ago, a soybean farmer gave me a tip to stop wasting time.

“Set your meetings to start at a weird time,” he said. “Something like 8:01 am or 7:26 pm. And, then be sure to start the meetings at that exact time no matter what. People will see the starting time and, not knowing if it is a typo, come on time!

“And, while you are at,” he said, “Do not give 15 minute breaks because in our society that means 10 to 20 minutes. Again, use weird breaks like 17 minutes or 22 minutes. And, again, start exactly when you said you would.”

Well, I stole this farmer’s idea for my association meetings as well as my staff meetings and meetings of the church building committee I chaired.

And, it works! 

Meetings start on time; end on time. Breaks don’t drag out.

In fact, my AMC staff and clients started calling it “Central Drake Time.”

By the way, this "timing system" works for conventions and trade shows ... especially breaks and starting times!

Remember, the keys are:
1) Set “weird times.”
2) Start at that time no matter what.

You can train volunteers and staff.

PS:  This store (see below) in Steamboat Springs gets it!

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