Sunday, November 17, 2013

How is your team work? Association members are watching!

The other night, my wife and I had dinner at the local Chili’s restaurant.

While ordering and eating, we observed how much the staff helped each other regardless of the table to which they were assigned. They engaged customers. They helped buss tables. They helped deliver the meals. Even the manager was bussing tables. 

Clearly this staff cared for the customers and worked as a team. No, “that’s not my job” attitude.

It reminded us of an experience at a couple of special events here at Pelican Preserve. With the crush of attendees, we watched as the general manager and the golf professional jumped in to bus tables. 

People notice when general managers bus tables. They see when staff are working together. They sense true teamwork.

And, they observe this not just in restaurants but also at association conferences and association events.

Members can “feel” when your staff is really clicking.

And, that sense gives them a positive feeling about their association.

What are the nonverbal signals you and your staff are telling your association members?

What type of culture do you or your association CEO establish. Are they telling you or showing you? What are your members seeing and feeling?

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