Monday, November 11, 2013

Content+Email+Tweets+Elearning+Parents = 5 readings for association executives

7 Reasons to Hire a Former Teacher for a Content Marketing Job
By Roger C. Parker via Content Marketing Institute

I think content marketers are overlooking a significant resource: former teachers. Here are some of the general characteristics that make experienced educators excellent candidates to fill a content marketing job.

  1. Teachers are planners
  2. Teachers are explainers
  3. Teachers know the proper ways to conduct research
  4. Teachers believe in measured progress
  5. Teachers believe in measured progress
  6. Teachers are used to the “battle for attention”
  7. Teachers are relationship builders
Making Email Work for Membership: Is it Generational?
By Shannon Neeser via XYZ University

According to Marketing General’s 2012 Membership Marketing Benchmark Report, email is a favorite marketing tool for associations, but is your association using it effectively? Are you reaching Millennials and yes, even Gen Z via email? Gen Ys (also known as Millennials) are looking for more than just that; they want the why. If they don’t understand why they should care about what your association is sending, then you might not be getting the response you want, even if your open rate is great. And giving Millennials a ‘why’ doesn’t mean creating a lengthy message or call to action. Your members are not only busy, their inbox is only one of many online sources they go to that is saturated with content. Maybe that’s why 41% of teens and college students feel that email is dying out.

[New Data] Tweets Between 100 and 115 Characters are More Likely to be ReTweeted
By Dan Zarrella

This time I decided to look at Tweet-length, in characters and it’s relationship to ReTweets. The data set is up to 1.4 million randomly selected Tweets, from 1.2 million different accounts. 
I found that Tweets between 100 and 115 characters were 34% more likely to be ReTweeted than Tweets outside of that range, with a 99.9% confidence interval. A big drop off in ReTweet probability occurs once Tweets get beyond about 120 characters, but up to that point, the longer the Tweet, the better.
Top 10 Free E-Learning Authoring Tools
By Sandra Miller via Jeff Hurt and DashBurst

Technology and the Internet can be used in many different ways, and you can benefit a lot if you learn how to use them wisely. You won’t realize the full potential of the Internet and your gadgets until you start using tools that will enhance your learning and authoring potential. There are many tools that can be used for that purpose, but we chose the best 10 of them for educational writers, which you should start using as soon as possible.

Take your parents to work? Good for employees, business
By Sharon Jayson via USA Today
LinkedIn has declared Nov. 7 "Bring In Your Parents Day" and has enlisted more than 20 companies in 14 countries to participate. Company officials say the effort grew out of conversations among employees who said parents are clueless about what they do. A survey the company commissioned over the summer found that almost a third of parents are unfamiliar with their adult child's job.

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