Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What Happens When Digital Education Reaches Your Profession/Industry?

Sharing knowledge represents a core mission for many associations. Knowledge transferred via conferences, webinars, websites, blogs, etc.

The digitally-driven rapid changes in higher education could be a precursor for associations and our role in knowledge transfer.

And, what’s coming may well signal competition for very large associations representing industries and professions.

A recent USA Today story headlined New university trying novel approach
provides insight into the short-term future.

  • The Minerva Schools at KGI is one of several recent entrepreneurial initiatives aimed at shaking up traditional higher education. Massive open online courses, which are free and have attracted hundreds of thousands of learners but offer no degree, already have forced traditional higher education to re-examine how to reach more students at lower cost. Other online ventures include the San Francisco-based New Charter University, which offers business degrees and is designed for working adults, and the non-profit University of the People, which charges no tuition.

So, is your association immune from digital challenges?

Who could be your knowledge transfer competitors?

  • Large corporations in the University of Phoenix model?
  • Expanding nonprofits who see your market as growth opportunity?
  • Startup MOOCs who see education as more than for 18to 25-year-olds?
  • International entities who provide digital tools that serve global audiences?
  • An innovative chapter’s programs that could be picked up throughout the world?
Don't assume you will always have exclusive engagement of your members when it comes to education, knowledge transfer and information.
You need to keep yourself and your association on the cutting edge.

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