Sunday, October 27, 2013

Perspective makes a difference!

Ok, after spending 35 years in St. Louis, I am a Cardinals fan! And, so part of me is focused on this years World Series which pits the Cardinals against the American League champion Boston Red Sox (who happen to hold Spring Training about 6 miles from my new office!).

So, I was amused while reading about how the Red Sox are at a “disadvantage” for Games 3-5 because they can use the DH (designated hitter who replaces the pitcher for batting purposes).

Here’s what was included in Bob Nightengale’s column in USA Today prior to Game 3:
  • And yes, they can feel a whole lot more comfortable knowing that the Red Sox will be without their DH the next three games, with power-hitter Mike Napoli sitting out Game 3, and perhaps David Ortiz in Game 4 or 5.
  • "I think that we certainly have a little bit of a disadvantage," said Red Sox pitcher Jake Peavy, who starts Saturday, "just because of the way our roster is constructed as opposed to theirs. They're a National League ballclub, and they're going to play with their normal lineup. Our team was built with the DH in it, and it's unfortunate that's got to happen.”
  • "It would be fun to have our normal lineup out there and have (Napoli), a huge threat. You can't help but say that's an advantage to the Cardinals not having him in there."
So, the Red Sox are at a disadvantage while playing in St. Louis?

Well, let’s look at this differently. 

When the Cardinals are playing up to four games in Boston, aren’t they disadvantaged because they are forced to use a DH? After all, the Cardinals were not built to have a player playing as a DH!

So, what does this mean to association managers?

Not a lot in terms of management but it does show that when dealing with members, staff, prospects or boards, we need to be careful about what we say. After all, one’s disadvantage could be another’s advantage.

Just think about it!

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