Monday, October 28, 2013

Membership+Marketing+Magazines+ 3 other articles for association executives

Raising Awareness Through Newsjacking
By Lori Halley via Wild Apricot blog

In our lightening-paced, globally connected world teaming with social media memes, 7 second video clips and 140 character news bytes, how can you get attention and keep your non-profit or your cause top of mind? One way is to “ride the popularity wave of a breaking story” to raise awareness of your non-profit or cause through newsjacking.

Tactics for encouraging change in an organization

By Christopher Penn via SH/FT Communications

One of the questions on everyone’s mind about any kind of new process, procedure, or methodology is how to get organizations to adopt it. My answer is frequently this: take it for a test drive. Any process or change that should increase your productivity, improve your results, or create some impact should have a quantifiable, measurable metric attached to it. Having concrete, quantitative evidence that your change recommendation works is one of the best ways to prove its value.

Association Membership Marketing: 12 Steps for Success

By Jeangianfagna via Smart Marketing Strategy blog

Member acquisition is a constant challenge and a top priority for most trade associations. Who do you target? How do you reach prospective members? And how do you convince them to join your organization? Here’s how the American Advertising Federation-Cleveland (AAF-CLE) developed a successful membership marketing strategy and campaign that exceeded its goals and laid the foundation for future member acquisition.

Membership marketing focused on lapsed members

By Tony Rossell via Association Trends

In a recent piece, Jeffrey Cufaude wrote about a little experiment he conducted. On purpose, he let his membership expire with three professional associations to see what would happen. What he found was that “one out of 3 slightly acted in a manner consistent with organizations that profess to be about ‘community.’ But since then? Crickets. Silence. Nada.” Fortunately, discontinuing communications are not how all membership organizations operate. The Marketing General Inc. 2013 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report highlights that 32 percent of associations “continue indefinitely to contact lapsed members.” Here is why staying in touch with former members is so important. Every relationship personal and professional can have problems. But in most cases, it is best to try to fix the problem rather than starting a wholly new relationship.

Why Redesign Your Magazine and How Much Should it Cost?
By Monica Bussolati via Bussolati post

We always start the discussion with a new client by asking what are your goals for this redesign and why is this a priority now? And more often than not, there are no goals that are measurable. Gauge – if only it would measure your magazine ROI!Results of freshening up or contemporizing a look/feel are ultimately evaluated by the publication team, and because we have an enjoyable and envigorating process together, our firm and our client teams are happy at the end. But, that’s subjective. Should a magazine redesign have objective, measurable goals? Heck, yes!

13 Scary Reasons Your Content Marketing Will Fail
By Joe Pulizzi via Content Marketing Institute

The 13 scary reasons why your content marketing will fail. But don’t despair: In the presentation below, we also include quick tips to help turn your shortcomings into opportunities. Enjoy, and Happy Halloween!

  1. Your content is all about you.
  2. Your fear of failing paralyzes.
  3. You’re setting the bar too low.
  4. You’re not sourcing correctly.
  5. You operate in silos.
  6. You don’t seek out discomfort.
  7. You don’t have calls to action.
  8. You are not excelling at any one channel.
  9. The content role isn’t owned.
  10. Your C-level doesn’t buy in.
  11. You are not niche enough.
  12. Your team is too slow.
  13. You execute inconsistently.

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