Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How many “Calls to Action” do association members need/get?

Our local television news folks love to say “breaking news.”

In fact, it is so much that it is irritating.

I counted last night. Here are the first words of the first 5 stories of the first 7 minutes of the news:
  1. Breaking news
  2. Breaking news
  3. This just in
  4. Exclusive news
  5. All new at 11
Really, do they think this makes their news more interesting or more important. The “this just in” piece was covered on their 6 o’clock news cast. One of the “breaking news pieces” was from 4 pm (they told viewers this!).

I remember my mom telling me “don’t cry wolf too often” ... if you do, people won’t come when you really need them.

All this made me think about associations ...

... especially nonprofits who have an advocacy or lobbying function.

Just how often can you issue a “call to action” notice asking members to respond immediately? 

If you issue too many too often, members are likely to look at them like I look at the TV news ... is it really that important?

One more thing: who in your organization “controls” what gets sent to members and how often? What if members received in the same day a “Call to Action” for lobbying and a “Last Chance to Register?” 

Will they be confused?

Will they question who is in charge?

Think about it before you “cry wolf” too often!

PS. Within an hour of writing this blog, I went to our snail mail box and discovered four letters from one organization I had just cancelled! Seriously!

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